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If you think that newspapers and other similar publications are no longer popular, you are mistaken. Today, we all live in the digital age, when there are so many options for presenting the information. Trends change and come back, so now newspapers are back in fashion. They can be found across a lot of formats, such as printable, electronic, and microfilm. The most popular format is electronic which is easily accessible online. Try our editable templates for newspapers for free. There is a great selection of various designs, sizes, and colors.

Newspaper templates are all different. They can be colorful or black-and-white, minimalistic or full of pictures. You can also download a ready newspaper article template, delete some parts, and then add news and pictures in a blank space. On the website, we have templates for different categories, such as food, travel, sports, fashion, etc. But you can also be more creative and use such newspaper templates for original advertising, congratulations, or blog articles. Take this helping hand to design non-trivial papers in any suitable format – PowerPoint, Google Slides, PDF files, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs.